Nördlingen on July, 1st was one of the qualifiers for the German FPV Masters 2017.
Over 120 pilots from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries attended there.

Though the weather didn’t play nice, the Crew of Team NÖ managed to get every race done. There were the single races, where all Flyduino pilots qualified for the Masters. There was a freestyle contest, where Niklas Solle made 2nd. Also a Drag race was held for the first time by Egodrift and Philipp Seidel.
And there was the team race, where Flyduino KISS racing won the contest.

Many thanks to out sponsors Tattu and HQ Prop!

Winners of the Team Race
they not only took the trophy home but also Bavarian beer and sausages and a 200€ voucher by FPV24.com

“The wood”!

Winners of the single races

Lamborghini Killer El Verde from Spain