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The KISS FC Manual by Philipp Seidel

Thanks to Philipp Seidel there’s a comprehensive manual for the KISS FC (English/German) English version: German version:…s-fc-handbuch All Flyduino KISS Manuals by Philipp Seidel:  KISS FC Knowledge Base


KISS FC Manual by Philipp Seidel

The KISS FC Manual by Philipp Seidel: English version: German version:…s-fc-handbuch/  


Using Linux with KISS FC

If you run a Linux derivate like Debian stable and have issues connecting to your KISS board make sure you remove the ‘modemmanager’ package. Otherwise it will be grabbing TTYACM0 as soon as it is plugged in,Read More…


OpenLogger on the KISS FC

The KISS FC firmware now provides an option to log the telemetry data using an OpenLog module and the Cleanflight blackbox Parts you will need:  Openlog modules available at Flyduino OpenLogRead More…