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How to build a SmokeStopper

Save your electronics, build a SmokeStopper! —————————————————————————————————————– We’ve all been there… Working all day on a new build, you finally finish, you give your new beast one final look-over and don’t seeRead More…


KISS FC Lifted Pads Workarounds

Lifted PWM pads are common, and the majority of the time caused by excessive heat to the pad when soldering, or too much force applied to the soldered item causing the padRead More…


Using the KISS GUI

The KISS GUI is a Chrome Application and it was designed like the rest of the KISS Flight Controller…to be super simple. This allows the pilot to be spending less time configuringRead More…



The KISS OSD, Based off the Micro MinimOSD This incredibly small ATMEGA328/ MAX7456 OSD  is based on the MinimOSD, but without the voltage regulator of the older MinimOSD. This unit can takeRead More…