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Air Mode and Idle up Switch

Air Mode     (image for reference) The PID controller won’t shut off as long as the input throttle is higher than Min. Command. If Min. Command is set to 1000 andRead More…

26Apr/16 Video Intro

Want to add our video intro to your next multirotor video? Here! .ZIP file includes 4K, 1080P and 720P quality videos, all in .MP4 format. Enjoy and have fun!


How to flash the 24a Race Edition ESC

Flashing the KISS ESC 24A Connect the USB-UART to one ESC (RX-TX TX-RX and GND-GND) Unmount all propellers! Connect the USB- UART to your computer and then power the ESC. Wait 5secondsRead More…


KISS 24a Race Edition ESCs

ESC Breakdown             Solder contacts for motor-phase connections LiPo Power supply GND – LiPo Power supply + PWM signal input (servo signal) PWM signal GND (ground reference)Read More…