Introducing the KISS Racing Team for the Drone Champions League, with the first race taking place on August, 11th – 13th 2016 in Reutte, Schlosskopf Ehrenberg, Austria. The “Race in the Ruins” will be held in a beautiful historical place.


Our Team Pilots

michael-scholz Michael Scholz aka FpvMicha1979
From Mainz / Harxheim, Germany
FPV Race since 2015
Bexbach I and II
World drone Prix Dubai
Pro7 Game of Drones
Zellhausen Drone Masters
1st FPV Race Friedewald
1st FPV Race Nördlingen
marc-heiniger Marc Heiniger aka silverstone
From Wimmis, Switzerland
FPV Race since 2.5 years
Bodenheim 2nd
FunRaceFricktal 2nd and 3rd
Zellhausen 2nd best quali time
Italydronenationals 12th quali
Nördlingen 1st B-Finals
 sebastian-brandes Sebastian Brandes aka SB_FPV
From Hude, Niedersachsen, Germany
FPV since May 2015
Zellhausen Dronemasters 2. Place
FPV Race Friedewalde
FPV Race Nördlingen 2016
lucas-wahl Lucas Wahl aka Z
From Burladingen/Ringingen, Germany
FPV Racing since May 2015
World Drone Prix Qualifying Göppingen
FPV Acres (Simple Tracker Test)
Zellhausen Drone Masters
FPV Race in Malsch
FPV Acres Rampage (1. Place – Master of HD)
FPV Race Nördlingen 2016