File Size2.46 MB
Create Date29. March 2017


- Firmware 1.2 for KISS FC, CC and AIO
- Firmwares for ESC24A, 8A (AIO), 16A (CC)
- Chrome App GUI v1.15.6
- LUA scripts for Taranis X7 and X9
- Short Manual for the LUA scripts


- Added FW lock. This version cannot be used for older versions anymore. (be careful with import of your OLD configs, review all the pages!!!)
- Added FW1.2 support
- Added Tramp VTX support
- Added separate notch filters for roll and pitch
- Added i18n internationalization
- Added RX deadbands
- Added iOS App
- Added JR XBus mode B receiver
- Added LUA support for Taranis X7 and X9
- Added saving with lipo attached
- Added activation screen
- Fixed Taranis telemetry