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Create Date30. October 2016

This is a pre-release of RC30 firmware for the KISS FC
Note: there still is a bug when initializing a Spektrum Sat receiver. DSMx users please take RC28

RC 30-8 release notes:

Note: this is the latest Non-Dshot version with OneShot 125 and 42 and it will need the latest GUIs in order to match the new functions.

  • Free choice for the board orientation. Tilted motors and FCs are supported now.
  • WS2812 on the RGB LED pin on port2 (attention: the LDO only can feed up to 2 LEDs simultaniously. Better use an external power supply!). LED colours can be selected and adjusted in the GUI and chosen via transmitter switch.
  • Lipo Alarm for the Buzzer. Threshold can be adjusted in the GUI.
  • ESC Feedback fully supported now (FW Version and SN will be displayed)
  • Race lap timer Support on the Buzzer port or PWM 5 or 6 Pin (30 Ohm + IR LED - on pin LED+ at 5V)
  • Full WiFi support through FedorComander's implementation
  • Selectable serial config for OSD and BB logger
  • Complete AUX remapping (needs latest GUI)