TBS Crossfire – Taranis LUA :: by Phils FPV Blog

TeamBlacksheep Crossfire – Taranis LUA Script for Betaflight & KISS

ImpulseRC “Reverb” initial PDB – KISS connection

The new ImpulseRC “Reverb” frame offers a simple PDB to easily connect your KISS FCs and ESCs    

KISS FCv2 and ESC32A REVIEW by Artur Banach / Oscar Liang

Review: KISS V2 FC & KISS 32A ESC

KISS ESC Audio Editor first release

In order to use the sound feature on the new KISS ESC 24A, 32A, 16A (CC) and 8A (AIOv1) you will need this tool NOTE: Sounds on v1 ESCs like the 24ARead More…

KISS FCv2: Adaptive Filtering only works @ 1kHz Loop Time

Among others, the new KISS FCv2 introduces 2 new features: Dshot 2400 and loop times up to 8kHz. Due to actual limitations Adaptive Filtering only works at 1kHz So if you you wantRead More…

Connection diagrams for LUA/Telemetry for KISS CC, FCv1 & FCv2

Thanks to Philipp Seidel here are exemplary instructions on how to connect your Remote Control (FrSky)  and VTX (Tramp and Unify) to the KISS Flight controllers. KISS FCv1 KISS FCv2 KISS CC

Connecting a TBS Crossfire Micro v2 to the KISS FCv2

Thanks to the contributions by Jo Knutsel here’s how to connect a Crossfire Micro to the KISS FCv2  Article by Dr.Frantic on how to setup TBS Crossfire on KISSv1 (German)

Silab USB/UART Drivers for Mac & Win on the KISS FCv2

In some cases (especially on Macs) users will need to install the USB/UART drivers manually On Win7-10 PCs they should be downloaded and installed automatically. Download the drivers for several OSes here:Read More…

Connecting Mr Steele’s PDB to the KISS FCv2

If you use a Mr Steele’s PDB make sure to connect the correct ports! These Ports are identical on both v1 & v2 Only the naming has changed on the v2 PORTRead More…

Connecting the RunCam Split to the KISS FCv2

RunCam Split users can still use serial 1 to enable the start/stop function You only need to connect TX 1 of the FC to the RunCam RX. It runs in parallel toRead More…