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KISS FC/CC firmware now includes the ADAPTIVE FILTER introduced by Alexander Fedorov aka the famous FedorComander. The feature is ON by default and can be switched OFF on the “Advanced” tab of the new GUIs.
In short the ADAPTIVE FILTER constantly analyses gyroscopic data for resonating frequencies. Based on these informations it changes the parameters of the internal filters to maximize their effect.

NOTE: Adaptive filtering will only work with oldschool 1kHz loop. No 2kHz, no 4kHz.
Start your setup from scratch! Use stock settings first, only then apply more filtering if needed.
A lot of testers could just switch all other filters like LPF OFF and only use the ADAPTIVE FILTER.

Only use KISS ESCs with fw version v1.11. Can now easily being downloaded and flashed through the new GUIs. (See image of flasher below)

The Turtle Mode was introduced by Alex for pilots “landing” their quads upside down. Instead of having to pick up the quad from the field, trees or bushes you will now be able to reverse the motors and flip the quad over.
The sequence is as follows: Disarm your quad, activate Turtle mode, flip the quad over, disable turtle mode, arm, fly!
In this case the Roll and Pitch stick become “throttle”, just enough to flip your quad over. Since this is a potentially dangerous situation for clueless bystanders the FC will start beeping and flashing LEDs hecticly until the mode is switched off again. Watch Alex’ videos here: and here:

The new GUIs v1.16.4 now include new features as well. Outstanding are the abilities to download and flash FC firmware from within the GUI (FC flashing for Macs only atm. Win users need to use DeFuse) and download and flash the KISS ESCs through the “ESC Flasher” tab, which also works for mobile devices such as Android. That should help finding the appropriate firmware combinations with ease.

NOTE: Don’t use the new GUIs for anything else than RC25! RC10 will now be obsolete!

NOTE: Flashing the ESC firmware or adjusting/reading the settings requires a lipo being plugged in. Always remove propellers for safety reasons!

The new LUA v0.8 script for FrSky Taranis X7, X9 and Horus (including TBS CrossFire) were reworked by Alex to achieve the lowest memory consumption of the radio possible, something the old monolithic LUA script suffered from. It is now divided into 1 main LUA script with separated scripts in the KISS folder. This allows virtually any amount of script pages in the future.

Therfor you need to copy both the file and the folder(!) into the /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY folder on your SD card.

For Taranis the otx firmware 2.2.0 is required as a minimum.
For CrossFire fw 1.65 or newer is required.

NOTE: You will also need to asign the new script on the DISPLAY page of your transmitter.
SP stands for SmartPort (usual FrSky connection), CF stands for TBS CrossFire.

VTX Adjustments via LUA
To adjust the VTX settings via LUA you will need to connect the telemetry or smart audio port of your Tramp or Unify VTX to RX3 on the bottom of the KISS FC or on the top of the CC.

VTX Adjustments via STICK INPUT
As a reminder: VTX adjustments work for some time now via ANY transmitter through stick input. No need for LUA or GUI.
Throttle stick up, YAW left will let you select the band, Throttle stick up Yaw right selects the frequencies, confirmed by a number of beeps, signaling the selection.
You can leaf through them by pushing the Pitch stick up. Roll left goes down one step, Roll right goes up.
As an example: from Band A, channel 1 you want to go to Band B, channel 2:
Throttle stick up, Yaw left, Pitch stick up, Roll right (2x long beeps for band B), then Throttle stick up, YAW right, Pitch stick up, Roll right (2x short beeps for channel 2) will do the job.

NOTE: only works in DISARMED mode!

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