Firmware Release History & Change log



  • Fixed a Spektrum bug
  • Includes more receivers and radios
  • More telemetry options
  • Improvements for SBus2, FrSky S-Port, Graupner HoTT


  • Has a complete new LPF (the GUI configurable one)
  • This version also fixed a 3d mode bug, where normal flying (without 3d swich on but 3d checked) was almost impossible
  • The USB interrupts are disabled now when armed and no USB is attached (this might fix some drop out of the sky problems) and the blue LED will blink now 1/second if the MCU runs into a hard fault which rarely is the case.
  • Fixed a bug where the FC sometimes freezes when you change the LPF setting in the GUI
  • Added even more advanced filters, one for every I and D term, all tuned differently to filter out the motor / frame noise without disadvantages
  • Added a betaflight-like arm behavior for airmode. It just starts to sum up after the roll/pitch stick has been moved. No more spool-up after arming until you touch the Pitch or Roll stick.


  • Fixed level mode (was broken in RC 21)
  • The spool up after arming now works better (more stick movement needed before I jumps in)
  • Dynamic D term filter (should reduce oscillations around 40-60% throttle)
  • Added much more Jeti telemetry options


  • Fixed a Jeti bug
  • Reduced the filtering a bit


  • Made telemetry work again


  • Better full throttle forward behavior
  • Bluetooth fixed


  • Back to the Roots! RC based on beta74 fimware
  • Including all fixes until RC25 but previous filtering method


  • added new filter for YAW P
  • fixed vibration issues with Emax Red Bottom motors or similar. May also help with DAL props
  • fixed the “infinitive spin” after gate hit
  • fixed the activation bug, e.g. when changing LPF
  • small changes in the pid controller and motor mixer
  • Failsafe has been improved
  • Sbus has been improved

RC28 (you might need to lower your PIDs compared to previous firmwares!)

  • implemented a Motor test function and flashing tools in RC28 and GUI v1.0.12
  • Graupner HOTT telemetry fix
  • Freakout / “Infinitive Yaw Spin” fix
  • changed LPF filters (the main reason for re-adjusting/lowering your PIDs)

RC29-1 pre-release

  • Added current to the blackbox
  • Added Mid ARM and Low ARM on Chad’s request
  • Added bat logging
  • Added targetName to the system info command and change version to RC29

RC29-2 pre-release

  • Added smoothing for vbat and current data for logger
  • Added initial data for logger
  • Fixed some minor bugs

RC 30-8 pre-release

Note: this is the latest Non-Dshot version with OneShot 125 and 42 and it will need the latest GUIs in order to match the new functions.

  • Free choice for the board orientation. Tilted motors and FCs are supported now.
  • WS2812 on the RGB LED pin on port2 (attention: the LDO only can feed up to 2 LEDs simultaniously. Better use an external power supply!). LED colours can be selected and adjusted in the GUI and chosen via transmitter switch.
  • Lipo Alarm for the Buzzer. Threshold can be adjusted in the GUI.
  • ESC Feedback fully supported now (FW Version and SN will be displayed)
  • Race lap timer Support on the Buzzer port or PWM 5 or 6 Pin (30 Ohm + IR LED – on pin LED+ at 5V)
  • Full WiFi support through FedorComander’s implementation
  • Selectable serial config for OSD and BB logger
  • Complete AUX remapping (needs latest GUI)


This release candidate will be the last RC before we release v1.1 as the next stable version

  • fixed the Spektrum Sat bug
  • fixed the logging feature (more accurate at 100%)
  • some minor cosmetic changes
  • compatible with all GUI versions v1.14 and greater

A special Thanks goes out to BorisB for his support on the notch filter that now graces the KISS FC!


  • Added FW lock. This version cannot be used for older versions anymore. (be careful with import of your OLD configs, review all the pages!!!)
  • Added Tramp VTX support
  • Added separate notch filters for roll and pitch
  • Added i18n internationalization
  • Added RX deadbands
  • Added iOS App
  • Added JR XBus mode B receiver
  • Added LUA support for Taranis X7 and X9
  • Added saving with lipo attached
  • Added activation screen
  • Fixed FrSky telemetry


  • Looptime configurable (1, 2 and 4k)
  • Unify und tramp are suppored now on RX3 pad!!!!!
  • New yaw filter (new default is 35)
  • TBS crossfire Support
  • New kiss protocol CRC support (Kiss osd should work fine, Third party OSDs are also in process of changing)
  • TBS crossfire lua script (tested with micro receiver v2, need crossfire fw 1.65 and OpenTX 2.2RC18)
    Settings reset fix (Extra crc and more checks added just in case)
  • Added possibility to set motor direction and 3D mode from ESC flasher tab in the gui.
  • Added possibility to reverse yaw direction (if u want to run motors in opposite direction)
  • Added separate filters for roll/pitch and yaw
  • Added better WIFI module support (also WIFI console can be opened from kiss GUI)
  • Lua scripts optimized a bit and renamed… For taranis – use X9 folder
  • KissSP.lua – for SPort, KissCF.lua – for Crossfire.
  • Some gerneral fixes and improvements

v1.3RC25 public beta

  • Added adaptive filter
  • Added turtle mode feature with visual and audio warning
  • Fixed custom orientation bug
  • Fixed soft serial issues
  • Fixed unify 800mw issue
  • Fixed crossfire lua delays


  • Improved CSRF/FRSKY Lua support (Lua v0.9 is the lastest)
  • Fixed BLHeli ESC DShot timing
  • Tuned Adaptive filter (anti grinding at low throttle on some setups)
  • Added Graupner voice alerts
  • Added Graupner KISS configuration
  • Added TBS Tango VTX follow mode
  • Added TBS Tango KISS configuration
  • Added CSRF parameters support
  • Added CSRF LED support
  • Added Runcam Split start/stop support (connect CAM-RX to FC-TX!)
  • Added Led brightness support
  • Swapped direction of rolls and flips in turtle mode



Changelogs for the KISS GUIs, LUA Scripts and OSD in their repositories

github logo GUIs for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX :: by FedorComander

github logo KISS LUA Scripts for FrSky X7/X9/Horus :: by FedorComander

github logo KISS OSD ::  by Alex Wolf