Flashing the KISS FC on a Mac

Great Tutorial by Philipp Seidel:

You don’t have to mess around with Windows if you’re more comfortable on the Mac. Do it from the Mac using the Terminal (stuff you need to copy and paste into terminal in blue). Before you do anything else, make sure you can connect to the FC in the KissFC GUI first. If not, get that sorted first since you won’t be able to flash what you can’t talk to.The guide by invid* assumes that you have the Xcode IDE installed.
If not, you’ll need to install the command line tools:

Haswell:~ invid$ xcode-select –install

Let the install complete and accept Apple’s terms of service. Once done install the Homebrew package manager that
can install third party command line utilities for you like dfu-util:

Haswell:~ invid$ ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Then install dfu-util (direct firmware update utility) itself using the Brew package manager you just installed above:

Haswell:~ invid$ brew install dfu-util

You’ve now installed the basic command line tool environment and don’t need to repeat the steps above again for
future updates.

Download the firmware from Flyduino’s servers and it should end up creating a folder called KISSFC_v1 in your Downloads folder. If this isn’t your first firmware download you may have created a folder called KISSFC_v1-2 instead so check and adjust the command below to suit.

Change Directory to that folder in the terminal:

Haswell:~ invid$ cd ~/Downloads/KISSFC_v1

Short the boot loader pins if you haven’t already. Unlock the EEPROM on the KISS FC so you can write the new firmware to memory -change the filename to match future firmware versions but leave the firmware options the same:

Haswell:~ invid$ KISSFC_v1 invid$ dfu-util –alt 0 -s 0x08000000:force:unprotect -D KISSFC_v1.02_RC25.dfu

Write the firmware to the FC, again changing the filename to match:

Haswell:~ invid$ KISSFC_v1 invid$dfu-util -R -a 0 -D KISSFC_v1.02_RC25.dfu fu-util 0.8

Un-solder the boot pins (or release the boot loader micro-switch on the v1.03) and reboot the FC with the new firmware.

You’re done!

*Instructions by invid

KISS FC Flasher now integrated in the Chrome App GUI