Flashing the KISS ESC 24A

  1. Connect the USB-UART to one ESC (RX-TX TX-RX and GND-GND)
  2. Unmount all propellers!
  3. Connect the USB- UART to your computer and then power the ESC.
  4. Wait 5seconds and open a serial monitor (Putty or Arduino serial monitor) with 115200 baud and linewarp enabled..
  5. Type in “info” without the “”
  6. You will get a serial number besides some other information.












*Note the serial number above (S/N) and repeat this process for all ESC’s you flash.

Warning! Collect ALL of your serial numbers, save them or write them down. Make sure the numbers match the appropriate ESCs. You can submit the serial numbers all at once or one by one. Generating single serial numbers might be the safest way unless you mix them up.
In case something goes wrong you can try to flash them again if you have flashed a hex file with a mismatching serial number.

If you accidentally flashed a wrong firmware, follow the steps in the troubleshooting notes at the bottom of the page.
Download and flash this firmware to make the ESC show it’s serial number in the Serial Monitor.

Once this is complete, continue below:

  1. When you have all of the serial numbers, click Here. On the new page that opens, enter your serial numbers and press “get hexfile”. As mentioned above you can generate single hex files for each ESC.
  2. You will receive a hex file that will work on the ESC’s with the entered serial numbers.
  3. Download and install STM Flash Loader v2.8
  4. Connect one ESC to the USB UART and close its boot jumper (BT on the bottom side) before you power it. Next, flash the new hex file (if the demonstrator doesn’t find the 32k stm32f051 variant automatically, please select it manually ([dropdown])














5. Open the boot jumper and you are done!

Note: if the ESCs are beeping during the flashing process, they are just rebooting and not finishing. The reason is: you might have tried to flash a wrong firmware, e.g. v1.03 over 1.01.

 Great tutorial for flashing the ESC24 by Artur Banach

And another one by FinalGlideAUS

Another Tutorial Video by El Verde, this time in Spanish

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