Lifted PWM pads are common, and the majority of the time caused by excessive heat to the pad when soldering, or too much force applied to the soldered item causing the pad to release its adhesion from the PCB. With the KISS FC, there is a workaround that can be done as a optional fix.


The graphic above shows the pin-out of the FC’s Port1, located on the bottom of the FC, and just left of the VIN through holes. Utilizing a KISS PDB Carrier cable available Here you can use its access to PWM connections as well as TX3 and GND. All you need to do is run your ESC wires as they normally would, then pin them into the other end of the cable or cut the connector wires and splice in connections directly.

If you still have problems with output on a certain PWM port and the above workaround through Port1 doesn’t fix it for you might want to try the Solution posted by Neilius at RCG.

It’s basically bridging 2 trace points near the broken pad.

If you accidentally ripped off the Radio Signal Pad: You can use TX2 on the backside instead.







If you accidentally ripped off the Spektrum Port or Pads: you can use RX2 for the signal line instead. 3.3V and GND can be picked up elsewhere on the FC.


If you accidentally ripped off the TX and RX pads near the USB connector (used with an OSD for example): The KISS connection cable can be used again. For this application, you would use RX1 and TX1 from Port 2, seen below.


If you accidentally ripped off the Boot Pads: you can take these pins alternatively



Alternative buzzer connection