The KISS OSD, Based off the Micro MinimOSD

This incredibly small ATMEGA328/ MAX7456 OSD  is based on the MinimOSD, but without the voltage regulator of the older MinimOSD. This unit can take 5 volts in directly, and has the KVTeamMod.

If puchased from Flyduino.net, these come pre-flashed with a special KISS firmware that allows them to integrate perfectly with the KISS flight controller.

At your digression, any MinimOSD compatible firmware can be flashed to this device with a FTDI adapter. Otherwise, the KISS firmware can be found below:


Potential configuration:


The graphic above illustrates a potential way you can wire the OSD up to other KISS products. Here, a Taranis X8R is connected to the flight controller via SBUS. The VTX (Lumenier TX5GPro) supplies the camera with 5 volts.The required 5 volts for the KISS OSD will be supplied by a 5 volt, 1 amp Pololu soldered (not pictured) to it’s outlined area on the KISS 24a ESC PDB Carrier.

Great OSD contribution by awolf78

This OSD version gives you a lot more of opportunities to display the FCs and ESCs data.

 Github repo for the KISS OSD

 Wiki for the KISS OSD

Another great OSD contribution – by Ficeto McGotch


And another great OSD – by Samuel Daurat

github logo Github Repo by Samuel Daurat for an alternative KISS OSD
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1624296364543353