Instructions by JimmyRigged

Go to the curves page on your Taranis and click cv1 (or the next free one if you have a curve already set)

once you are in cv1, give it a name, I used DB

Then go down and select type, it should be custom.

Next click count, it needs to be 4.

Now set the points
pt 1 is -100 -100
pt 2 is -3 0
pt 3 is 3 0
Pt 4 is 100 100

Here is my curve screen

Now go to the the inputs page and long click Ail, then click edit.

Scroll down to curve select Cstm and then select CV1.

Do the same for Ele, and Rud.

If you want a wider deadband change the the 3 and -3 to a larger number. For example 5 and -5. Vise versa for a narrower deadband.

You can see how much fluctuation there is at neutral stick by going to the inputs page and selecting a channel.

In the graph on the right, the lower right number is what the radio is seeing, the number on the top left is what’s being output after the custom deadband curve we just added. As you can see it only jitter a couple decimal points at neutral so 3 -3 is probably overkill but it’s such a small deadband I figured it’s better to be safe, and it’s still too small to notice in flight.

Video by whoisthat (instructions start at 2:52)