This bundle contains public beta firmware v1.3RC25 for KISS FC/CC
v1.3RC10 will now be obsolete! Please don’t try to mix new GUIs with RC10!

Download matching v1.16.14 stand-alone and mobile GUIs here:

Compatible only with latest v1.11 ESC firmware for KISS ESC24A (and 16A for KISS CC)
Note: You can now download and flash ESC firmware from within the v1.16.4 GUIs

LUA scripts v0.8 for Taranis X7, X9, Horus (incl. CrossFire) can be downloadd here:

Instructions in a short Manual for all changes can be found here. Please read before you start!


This actual public beta release includes the new ADAPTIVE FILTER, introduced by Alex aka FedorComander.
The feature is ON by default and can be changed on the “Advanced” tab in the GUIs.
In short the ADAPTIVE FILTER constantly analyses gyroscopic data for resonating frequencies.
Based on these informations it changes the parameters of the internal filters to maximize their effect.

NOTE: Adaptive filtering will only work with oldschool 1kHz loop. No 2kHz, no 4kHz.

We recommend to start with stock settings and your preferred rates before you start fiddeling with other filters.
Please do not import previous settings via txt file – start from scratch instead.

You might also like the new feature for downloading and flashing your FC via GUI (Mac) and mobile devices.
The TURTLE MODE now beeps and signalizes a warning via LED so bystanders don’t dare to touch it when it’s turteling. 😉


FC/CC firmware since 1.3-RC10
– Added adaptive filter
– Added turtle mode feature with visual and audio warning
– Fixed custom orientation bug
– Fixed soft serial issues
– Fixed unify 800mw issue
– Fixed crossfire lua delays

LUA 0.8
– Added TPA screen
– Added all filters
NOTE: Copy both the KISS folder and the script onto your SD card in the folder SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY. You also need to activate it on the Model’s DISPLAY page.
SP is for SmartPort, CF for CrossFire radios

GUI 1.16.14
– Added online FC flasher (MAC ONLY)
– Added online ESC flasher
– Added online ESC flasher for mobile devices
– Added Model view on data output page (handy for custom board orientation)
– Changed inputs to be numeric. Possible to use UP and DOWN arrows. Looks nicer too.
– Added Numeric keyboard on mobile versions, no more letters on the keyboard.
– Fixed flasher menu bug
– Changed colors at some places
– Added adaptive filter checkbox

For Mac users:

New ESC Flasher