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    I’m trying to install my first KISS FC V1.03. I loaded RC28 firmware and I’m using both the Chrome GUI and and Win64 ver 1.14 The issue I’m having is all of my AUX functions default to HIGH and can’t be set to anything else. The drop downs work. I have my range of selections. I choose Aux 2 Low for level mode. I disconnect and reconnect and my Aux 2 to is set to HIGH every time (about 10 times now). It happened with ARM mode but I did not notice at first because I was selecting Med-High anyway and when it was high only I thought it was a quirk of the GUI. Until I realized all mapping will be high when I reconnect. More WEIRDNESS read carefully to follow. I can make ARM Aux 1 just fine. (HIGH only)…it saves and is fine. From there I can make it AUX 2 it saves and is fine. BUT I cannot make it AUX 1 again EVER. Without loading DFUS and reinstalling firmware. If it choose AUX 3. I can never go back to AUX 2. I can select it but it will not save. I can ONLY save a selection if I go DOWN the list. Once I hit AUX 4. I have to reset defaults by loading firmware with DFUS to continue to muddle about in this mess hoping something will change. Is anyone else have trouble like this? All of this is true with both the Chrome GUI and Win64 and RC 28 and the original firmware out of the box.

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