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    Do i understand it correct, that i need a kiss flight controller to be able to upgrade from 1.02 to a dshot capable firmware?

    Or is there a other way to flash it like to the 1.02 via the stm32 uart method?


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    Good question. I’d like to have official documentation on this topic, too!

    I bricked 4 ESCs with flashing via Betaflight ESC passthrough (“escprog ki 255”, https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/wiki/Betaflight-ESC-pass-through) and 1 ESC trying to update it with an FTDI cable according to the official documentation (http://kiss.flyduino.net/dwkb/how-to-flash-the-24a-race-edition-esc/).

    All my 5 (previously V1.03) ESCs are like dead now (no LED and no beep at power up) and Flyduino support answered my request for advice with a short, standard message saying “contact the shop where you bought the ESCs”… 🙁

    Hope there will be an official documentation soon!

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    Renato Elias

    I’m in the same boat than you guys…

    Flashed 6 escs from 1.01 to 1.02 using the FTDI method. One-by-one (took me hours)

    Today I tried to flash to 1.08 using BF 3.1.5 pass through method but only esc #1 accepted the new firmware.

    I’ve tried to dessolder esc #2 and reflash it with 1.02 but it seems the esc is dead. The flash operation finishes fine including the data check but when I check in the arduino serial monitor, the firmware is still 1.01. It seems nothing is being recorded in the escs’s memory 🙁

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    Oh, that’s bad luck (too).

    I returned my ESCs to the dealer. And they flashed it with some “special firmware” they received from Flyduino (AFAIK). At least the ESCs aren’t “dead” – just in a coma… I think you have to return them too, as only vendors seem to get this magic firmware.

    I really hope that Flyduino updates their manuals! The only way updates are possible, seems to be via KISS FC – never had problems with that.

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    Flashing the ESCs is discribed in detail here, with tutorial videos and all:

    How to flash the 24a Race Edition ESC

    And here

    And here

    KISS 24A ESC Firmware Update to v1.02

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    I tried to flash my 24A 1.03 esc’s to 1.08 as well and they, too, appear to be killed. So, if I understand this correctly, I can’t do it myself. I have to send them away to be flashed properly with some proprietary firmware we can’t get from flyduino? This seems sort of silly and wasteful. But the one 1.01 I flashed with the boot loader then with 1.08 is fine. It runs smooth as silk. It’s just the ones that I thought had the boot loader already that are having issues. BTW now I can’t even read them with arduino.

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    i found it out now, you have to flash it differently,

    first if you don’t have already 1.02 you have to flash it via solder serial
    as already described above and Flashing your 24A racing kiss firmware to 1.02

    and then dshot firmware 1.08 via the pwm input pin:
    Flashing your 24A racing kiss with dshot firmware (without kiss flight controller under linux)

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