We have a lot new features and some bug fixes in the actual v1.3 beta firmware.
Find all downloads here: http://kiss.flyduino.net/downloads/
Or use the bundled firmware/software from here: http://kiss.flyduino.net/download/bundled-firmware-and-software-v1-3-for-kiss-fcccescs/

Change Log:

  • Looptime configurable (1, 2 and 4k)
  • Unify und tramp are suppored now on RX3 pad!!!!!
  • New yaw filter (new default is 35)
  • TBS crossfire Support
  • New kiss protocol CRC support (Kiss osd should work fine, Third party OSDs are also in process of changing)
  • TBS crossfire lua script (tested with micro receiver v2, need crossfire fw 1.65 and OpenTX 2.2RC18)
  • Settings reset fix (Extra crc and more checks added just in case)
  • Added possibility to set motor direction and 3D mode from ESC flasher tab in the gui.
  • Added possibility to reverse yaw direction (if u want to run motors in opposite direction)
  • Added separate filters for roll/pitch and yaw
  • Added better WIFI module support (also WIFI console can be opened from kiss gui)
  • Lua scripts optimized a bit and renamed… For taranis – use X9 folder
  • KissSP.lua – for SPort, KissCF.lua – for Crossfire.
  • Some gerneral fixes and improvements