Alex aka FedorComander just released a bunch of new GUIs, LUA scripts and the first FC firmware release of his own breed. Most work on v1.2 was done by him.

There’s a lot of new stuff to test and try in our download section:

Easiest way to get everything at once is to download a fresh bundle from here:
It contains firmware v1.2 for KISS FC/CC/AIOv1, new firmwares for ESC24A/16A(CC)/8A(AIOv1), new Chrome GUI v1.15.6, LUA scripts for Taranis X9/X7 and a short manual how to upgrade your Taranis (OpenTX v2.2 required).

Standalone versions of the GUIs v1.15.6 for Win&Mac can be downloaded from the DL page, also an updated Android version.
All these versions plus a version for iOs can also be downloaded from Alex’ repo:

Updated Android Version v1.15.7:

Android v1.15.7 now also in the Google Play Store:

LUA Scripts for FrSky Taranis X7 & X9 and the Horus (Horus implementation by Jan-Martijn Wijnholds):

Release Notes for v1.2:

Make sure you combine the latest FW, GUI and LUA since many things have changed under the hood. Be careful when you import old settings (not recommended) and check ALL entries before you proceed.

How to use the LUA script for FrSky Taranis X7 by Philipp Seidel:

How to upgrade the Taranis by Oscar Liang:

How to change PIDs & VTX settings for Taranis by Oscar Liang:

There’s also a new OSD by Alex Wolf available, matching fw v1.2:

How to prepare the Taranis and use the LUA script for KISS FC by Neil Smith

KISS LUA Script for FrSky Horus by Jan-Martijn Wijnholds