After powering up the KISS ESC (with a LiPo battery) the LED lights up for roughly half a second and the motor will beep (high-low-high). This indicates that the ESC receives a valid PWM/servo signal and the LED will light up again and stay on. When another longer beep is heard, the KISS ESC is armed and ready to run the motor. If the LED goes out it means that either the input signal is no longer valid or that the motor does not respond as expected (starts). If the motor is blocked while running (i.e in a crash), the KISS ESC will disable after several failed start attempts, in efforts to protect the motor from damage.

Problem Solution
The ESC shows no reaction Check the power supply (LiPo terminals) and Confirm that the LiPo is connected
The LED (8) lights up after connecting the power plug but then stays off 1.Check signal connections

2.Teach the master travel again (see ESC/ speed controller settings)

The motor shakes and does not rotate properly Check the 3 BLDC motor connections (some motor cables are painted/insulated and must be stripped)
The Copter looses power after some time and the LED on the ESC flickers when it comes down The ESC goes into its temperature protection mode. Reduce the load or give it more cooling
The Copter jerks at full speed 1. If you use a 5S LiPo you might need to add an external capacitor, or if you already have one it might be to weak.

2. The ESC might go to its over-current protection mode; In this case it reduces its max current to 30A. This reduction can confuse the flight controller so please lower the load in this situation


 Alternative solder joints by liftbag