The KISS Carrier Board 

This item allows a super clean and compact build of the power supply and flight controller wiring. 4 KISS 24a RE ESCs can be mounted directly on the PDB.
The signal lines are then recombined at a comfortable row and if the KISS Connection Cable is used, even less manual wiring/soldering is required.

















The PDB features a section for a Pololu or RECOM voltage regulator that will allow you to power accessories such as OSD, VTX etc. There is also a filtered lipo output that has a max current of 1A.


Holes: 3x3cm (3.2mm holes)
Size: 99.5x45mm
Weight: 10g
Amps: 120A +
PCB thickness: 1.6mm

Non-connection cable Wiring Configuration


**If you are using a connection cable, the only wires above that are necessary are the GND and LiPo+ going from the PDB to VIN on the flight controller.