High performance through optimal coordination of hardware and software

You’ll have no ESC in comparable size to find that switches as quickly and precisely , remains as cool and as well actively controls the rotor , with a comparable power , with a comparable feature set , this also applies to the 30A version .Unique safety features provide an extra protection which is even able to prevent damage during wrong configs .
The hardware limiter functions measure the active power as the power and access in case of an error in accordance within nanoseconds .
KISS – Keep it super simple , thats the approach , all that is unnecessary is omitted and all needed is implements optimally.
A lot care and development was taken to ensure a wide compatibilty with almsot all Motors on the market, settings are adapted automatically, you wont need to care, solder, go out and fly.
You can easily activate a 3D Mode for this ESC, even for this mode you dont need to care for motor settings to have a optimal performance.

Technical details

  • Operating voltage 6 – 26V
  • Maximum continuous current 30A *
  • Instantaneous maximum current (max. 10 seconds) 45A **
  • 370000 ERPM maximum field speed (use up to 350,000 recommended)

* At moving ambient air
** Limited by over-current protection


Automatic one-shot detection

At the signal connector (4), the KISS 30A automatically recognizes which transmission protocol is used.

Over-voltage protection and over-current protection

If the voltage rises across 26V while regenerative braking, the KISS ESC regulates the braking power of the engine down dynamically.

At 45A load the over-current protection responds and reduces further throttle response.

Fallback System

The 2nd PWM input can be connected to a second flight controllers as a fallback backup.

The fallback system can not process a one shot signal.

If the fallback pin (5) is connected, the LED (6) has no function.

The fallback system intervenes only when no PWM signal is present on (4).

Signal amplification

The KISS ESC 30A has a signal amplifier for 3.3V signals. The threshold voltage is 1.7V.

Especially at higher currents the signal amplifier ensures a clean signal.

Other features

  • Designed for Multicopters and 4D Planes
  • Very small size (21 x 35.5 x 5.2 mm)
  • Very light weight (5,4gr.)
  • 2 – 6S LiPo capable
  • Fine speed control (about 950 steps)
  • No external cap (electrolytic capacitor) required **
  • Rapid implementation of gas changes
  • Linear throttle response
  • Active freewheeling (little diodes losses resulting in higher efficiency)
  • Regenerative braking for rapid throttle response at deceleration
  • Fast FET switching by using real gate drivers
  • Minimal dead times by an adaptive dead time
  • Automatic detection of the One Shot Signal
  • Second Signal Input for Fallback System
  • PWM signal amplifier
  • unique Over-voltage protection
  • unique Overcurrent protection

(**) For very long LiPo power lines (more than 20cm) or to smooth out the supply, a 100 – 220uF Low ESR capacitor can be attached to the Lipo power pads.

Be aware: ESC is part of complete setup, please keep your FC settings and Motor/Prop/LiPo combination within ESC specification, otherwise the ESC can be damaged.